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Deharbe's large catechism

A Catechism of the Catholic Church, written by Joseph Deharbe. Worded in a simple manner, this catechism is constructed so as to aid children, adults, and those in between in the understanding of the Catholic Church.

New Indian Sketches

This source contains an overview of the life of Catharine Tehgahkwita, a saintly Mohawk woman. After this is a compilation of letters written by missionaries to Native Americans around the Rocky Mountain area. The end of the source contains a…

The Glories of Mary

Devotional work on the Virgin Mary. Expands on various aspects of Mary.

Schola cordis, siue Aversi à Deo cordis ad cumdem reductio, et instructio

The title of this book is translated to "The School of the Heart or The Restoration and Instruction of a Heart." It contains many emblems of a person giving his/her heart to an angel, who will presumably give it to Jesus.

A Catechism of the Catholic Religion: Preparatory to First Holy Communion

Catechism of the Catholic Church, for use for preparation for Holy Communion