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Sadlier's elementary history of the United States

History of the United States published in 1877. This textbook approaches history from a Catholic perspective. Includes catechetical and narrative forms of information, as well as illustrations, maps, and tables.

Frye's Elements of Geography

Textbook on the geography of the world, focused on that of the United States, published in 1904. Two previous publications were released in 1894 and 1898, preceding this 1904 copy. This textbook is targeted towards fourth to sixth grade students who…

In Regulam divi patris Benedicti declarationes et constitutiones patrum Ordinis Camaldulen.

Rule of St. Benedict including Declarations and Constitution of the Camadolese (Ordo Camaldulensium). Published for the Order of the Camaldolese.

Regula S. Benedicti cum varietate lectionum

Rule of St. Benedict, includes interpretation of Greek codex